SercoMoto Smart Lights Control System SM002S

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SercoMoto Smart Lights Control System SM002S


SercoMoto SM002S upgrade replacement for the standard wiring harness & switch Build in smart voltage sensor system, it can only be used when the motorcycle is turned on ,otherwise can not use it. Very good to avoid bike lose battery power.

CNC-machined aluminium switch housing

Connect straight to battery

Button flash sequence at startup

Auto shut-off voltage sensor with smart control system

Plug & play connectors for safety and ease of installation

Big power range support Max 75w each light.

Switch indicator light:

We have orange indicator light on switch, it can indicate power supply status.

Bike engine on If the power supply condition is good the switch indicator light will fast flash and off, base on this status we can press switch 2 seconds to turn on or turn off lights.

Bike engine on if the switch indicator light on and off 3 times, means can not have good voltage detect condition on this bike battery, we can not turn on lights and can not use smart auto turn off system, but it can follow ACC status to turn off light. We provide a back up wire ( in yellow), we can connect this yellow wire to ACC wire. When bike engine on switch indicator light will on, then we can use the harness.

Bike engine off the switch indicator light will on and off 3times and auto turn off lights.

Harness Functions:

The harness support 6 working moles, we make these 6 working moles to three sections

Section A: High beam,DRL(LOW BEAM)

Section B: alternating strobe, two lights alternating on/off ,synchronized strobe

Section C: Pass flash

In Each section just only click switch to get function change. ( except Section C)

Double-click the switch easy to swap A.B section.

Section A:

When lights on, it default work with Section A high beam, we can click the switch from High beam to DRL(low beam) or from DRL to high beam. if we like use Section B functions we can double-click the switch to active Section B.

Section B:

Under section B we can via click switch to get 3 functions cycle change. if we like use Section B functions we can double-click the switch to active Section A.

Section C:

When lights did not turn on ,we can keep tap the switch make lights on in short time.


The switch install:

support 22-25mm diameter bar, or 7mm hole size fix, please refer follow picture.

Harness install

Red wire with fuse connect with battery positive part

Blue wire connect to negative part

Yellow wire is no need to connect unless you can not turn on the light, then connect it to ACC wire.



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