Die Casting vs. CNC Machining

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Most of SercoMoto products are base on CNC Machining

With die casting, you use almost all the metal involved for the part, with little leftover scrap. with  CNC machining, there is a lot of scrap metal left lying around after you machine a part. Now, you can understand why CNC cost is much higher than die casting.

that is the reason why cost high than others.

How Die Casting Works

In die casting, your metal material, often an alloy of metals such aluminum, copper or zinc, is melted and injected into a steel die, or mold, in the shape of the part you wish to make. Once the metal fills the die, you cool it down so that the metal hardens in the desired shape, after which you remove it. You can then finish the part and do any necessary assembly.

How CNC Machining Works

The CNC in CNC machining stands for computer numerical control, and it is a way to maximize the efficiency of machining through automating much of the process. Think of machining like sculpting with metal. We program the CNC robot which then cuts away at the metal until what is left is the desired part.


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